My Articles, Writings, Working Papers and co-authored works:

Disclaimer: Because of the time-bound nature of these pieces, some papers and blog posts below are working papers, incorporating informal feedback from peers, but not peer-reviewed in the traditional sense of the word. Please use information from these with this caveat in mind.

*The Promise of Paris and Lessons from Paradise: Hawaii’s Contributions to U.S. Pledges Under the Paris Agreement. Miller Upton Forum, Beloit CollegePending publication. 6 January 2018. See full paper here.

*Collective Action or Collective Distraction? Creating a Simple and Visible Scorecard for Global Climate Negotiations.Working Paper. 4 September 2017. See policy brief here.

* A Tale of Two Degrees, 22 COPs and Many RINGOs; Or, How Non-state Actors can Help Accelerate the Rate of Change of the UNFCCC. East-West Center Association Blog. 27 October, 2016. See Blog post here.

* A Hawai’i Venue and An Arctic Model for a Pacific Climate Resiliency Agreement.Policy Brief. Asia Pacific Bulletin no. 348. East-West Center. Washington, DC. 15 June, 2016. See policy brief here.

*Five Years, That’s All We’ve Got: A Prognosis of the Paris Agreement (Commentary). Anukriti Hittle and Alexander Hittle. Mongabay. 19 April, 2016. See full article here. Listen to Hawaii Public Radio commentary here. 22 April 2016.

*What Did Paris Get Us? The Paris Agreement, A Carbon Club and The Decarbonization Miracle. Working Paper. Anukriti Hittle and Alexander Hittle. 29 February, 2016. See full paper here and play with the spreadsheet here.

*Going Into Paris, the U.S. and China Collude to Gobble Up the Global Carbon Pie. Anukriti Hittle and Alexander Hittle. Huffington Post Commentary. 30 November 2015. See article here. See BBC World News interview here.

*Sucking up all the Carbon in the Room: The U.S.-China Collude to Pollute in “Historic” Climate Agreements. Anukriti Hittle and Alexander Hittle. October 2015. See full article here, and accompanying interactive spreadsheet here. Scroll to list of articles to download spreadsheet.

* New Agreement, New Structure: Put the G20 at the Center of the New Climate Agreement to Get Results. August 2015. See full essay here.

* Global  Commons,  Local  Solutions: The  Effectiveness of  International  Action at COP21 in Providing  a Framework for  Ambition. June 2015. See full article here.

* Climate-Smart Conservation in the northern Pacific: Hawai’i’s Role in Plant Conservation in the Face of Climate Change. Policy Brief, August 2014. See full paper here.